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IE Growth Marketing is a Digital Agency for growing small to medium sized businesses.  We offer Web Design, SEO, Branding, Video Production, and Mobile App Development services for an affordable price!

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In many cases with service-oriented companies, a well-done brochure is a branding powerhouse...because it can be distributed both by hand and electronically via the internet or by email. Think about it.  Most every legitimate service-oriented company you know has a brochure or flyer of some kind with their services listed...but what makes a truly exceptional, well-designed brochure?

This is what we think:

  • Innate quality and "weight."  People are remarkably observant (consciously or unconsciously), and a person can tell when something is cheaply made.  If it feels inexpensive, you're most likely going to throw that brochure away. 
  • Beautiful pictures.  A talented photographer makes all the difference, and gorgeous photos engage the reader's interest in what you're trying to sell.
  • Simple and easy-to-understand.  Less is more.  Most people make the mistake of cluttering up their brochures with way too much content.  If the average person can't understand what they're looking at in the first few seconds, the piece you spent all that time creating is more than likely going straight into the trash can.  It's true.
  • Eligible for a 10% discount when combined with any of our other primary services (Websites, SEO, Video, and Mobile Apps). 


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