IE Growth Marketing

IE Growth Marketing is a Digital Agency for growing small to medium sized businesses.  We offer Web Design, SEO, Branding, Video Production, and Mobile App Development services for an affordable price!

Digital Marketing + Design = IE Growth Marketing 

Simple.  Affordable.  Excellence.

The motion graphics logo is an essential "add-on" design that can be re-used again and again in each video your company creates.  Our package includes both an intro and outro version for use at the beginning and the end of your videos respectively.    

  • We begin with a design consultation meeting to discuss what your logo should "say" to your audience.  What do you want your customers/members/fans to feel when they see your logo appear on screen.
  • Based on our notes and observations from this initial meeting, IE will create a mood board showing various colors, textures, shapes, and blend options for you to choose from.  We're scientifically trying to determine how you want this motion logo to make people feel.
  • Based on your choices and feedback from our mood board, our talented motion graphics team will create multiple animated options.  
  • After your finished logo is chosen, you'll receive a package of motion logo files specifically created for use in various applications (intro, outro, dark backgrounds, lighter backgrounds, etc).
  • Eligible for a 10% discount when combined with any of our other primary services (Web Design, SEO, Video, and Mobile Apps). 


Have any further questions?  
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