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IE Growth Marketing is a Digital Agency for growing small to medium sized businesses.  We offer Web Design, SEO, Branding, Video Production, and Mobile App Development services for an affordable price!

Digital Marketing + Design = IE Growth Marketing 


6 month SEO campaign

Our Premium SEO service, which also runs for 6 months, allows our dedicated team of editors, writers, research analysts, statisticians, marketers, and other SEO members the freedom to work on your specific campaign longer each week.  This means:

    • We publish 2-3 blog posts every week instead of just one.

    • We reach out to more news websites, resource websites, blogs, and online journals----expanding your network of backlinks on the web.

    • We spend more time analyzing and updating both your website and social media pages to optimize visitor to customer conversion rates.

    • We research more industry insights, innovative ideas, movements, and perspectives to give your Content Marketing pieces a sense of newness that appeals to others in your industry.  

No one likes to read what they already know.

In other words, you’ll receive everything described in the Standard SEO package (which is an amazing value), but with significantly increased time and effort designed to give you more results... faster.

Basically, you’re investing more money per/mo so we spend over twice as much time on your campaign.  

The more original, high-end content you publish, the more links you’re likely to earn on other websites.  The more people share and post your website content.....the higher ranking you achieve on Google.  The higher ranking you achieve on Google....the more traffic you welcome to your site, and the more visitors you have....the more business you close. 

Your company should expect significant, measurable Return On Investment coinciding with substantial increases in web traffic to your site.  Though SEO is never a guaranteed success, by utilizing the full power of our Atlanta based IE Growth Marketing SEO team, our service should pay for itself many times over.    

You're paying for results.

None of this stuff matters if it doesn’t produce measurable increases in revenue, so an essential element of our campaign is our ability to show you that growth in the form of monthly analytics.  Our monthly reports are beautifully designed and clearly show the following metrics:

•  Increased traffic to your site (both organic and overall)

•  New links procured

•  Insights about conversion we were able to glean based on each month’s data.


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