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IE Growth Marketing is a Digital Agency for growing small to medium sized businesses.  We offer Web Design, SEO, Branding, Video Production, and Mobile App Development services for an affordable price!

Digital Marketing + Design = IE Growth Marketing 


6 month SEO campaign

Our Growth Marketing Standard SEO service, which runs for 6 months, begins with a comprehensive SEO “bill of health” check followed by significant, foundational optimizations for your site.  

As an Atlanta based SEO firm, our first goal is to know everything about you.  In our initial meeting, we want to hear your passion for this company....your values, strategy and goals----because then we can ascertain the most effective keywords and themes to target in a brilliant SEO campaign.  We focus on the following elements (in order of priority):

  • Link Outreach
  • Content Marketing
  • PPC Management
  • Social Media Marketing

We also create a shared calendar you can access at any time to know exactly what our team is up to and how things are progressing on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

An original piece of engaging content written by a subject matter expert recruited specifically for your campaign is published on your company’s blog each week (Content Marketing).  A summary of each entry (with title, topic, and key insights) is clearly posted on our shared calendar, so you can change, edit, or give feedback at any time.  

Our primary objective is to make your website relevant - attractive - innovative - fresh and interesting to other websites (other people) who might agree to feature your page on their page (Link Outreach).  

This is the core foundation of great SEO in 2016.  It requires talent that engages with real people.  If people like it.....Google likes it.

And that’s the way it should be.  Machines don’t buy and sell or exchange services with your company.  People do.  When we approach online journals, news websites, resource websites and blogs related to your industry, our success rate at procuring links hinges on how talented and passionate we are at producing the kind of content people actually “like” and “share.”

PPC ManagementSocial Media, and Mobile Marketing are also extremely important, effective components to your Digital Marketing strategy.  By optimizing your site for the most relevant short and long-tail keywords month by month, you get the most Pay Per Click internet traffic possible on a regular basis.  

In addition, our team will integrate your published content across all of your social media networks....which means even more people are given the chance to react, share, or comment on your website content.

Once we’re achieving a good response to our Link Outreach, Content, PPC, Mobile, and Social Media campaigns----you’ll begin to see new, highly targeted visitors arriving to your site.  

To ensure the most optimal conversion rate among these visitors, we’ll have already scanned your site and made suggestions for changes to make your business more profitable. Our job is only complete when the online form requests start showing up and the phone is ringing.  

You’re paying for results.  

None of this stuff matters if it doesn’t produce measurable increases in revenue, so an essential element of our campaign is our ability to show you that growth in the form of monthly analytics.  Our monthly reports are beautifully designed and clearly show the following metrics:

•  Increased traffic to your site (both organic and overall)

•  New links procured

•  Insights about conversion we were able to glean based on each month’s data.


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